Vignesh C

Data Scientist
Vignesh Chithambarathanu Data Scientists in Chennai

Favourite ActivitIES

Kaggle Competition

Analytics Vidhya Data Science Platform


Crowdanalytix platform

Personal Projects


Vignesh Chithambarathanu is passionate everything about Data. 

With a strong foundation in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Engineering, Masters Degree in Information Systems, Vignesh has perfectly laid his foundation to suit the intersected Data Science Discipline. He always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes the advancement of Data Science Discipline. He is well-versed in analytics tools, statistics, and machine learning algorithms.

A typical day in his life starts with understanding niche business cases of Clients and working on effective Algorithms that forecasts, predicts and self-learns for attaining targeted results.

Vignesh is hands-on when it comes to solving real-world business problems with Advanced Analytics Techniques. You would often see him participating in Data Contests and successfully placing himself within the Top 100 participants.

Favourite Quote

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess!


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