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Binary Chefs


Binary Chefs focuses on the adoption and application of Data Science.
Binary Chefs loves and trusts everything about Data. It's that inquisitiveness that evolved from a humble beginning to build advanced capabilities and grow into a position of supporting other businesses and individuals with specific skillsets & analytics techniques.

Data Science Consulting Services

Binary Chefs consults businesses to take advantage of their Data and apply insights to use it as competitive advantage for attaining targeted growth results.
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Data Science Bootcamp

With a mission to build skillsets, Binary Chefs conducts Data Science Bootcamp in Chennai for aspiring Data Scientists in a hands-on, interactive and affordable manner.
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Data Analytics as a Service

Binary Chefs offers Analytics as a Service for businesses that wish to focus solely on their core business and doesn't want to build in-house capabilities.
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Binary Chefs 2, 1st Floor, Alwarpet Street, Chennai
(+91) 79 04 25 29 07


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